Monday, November 2, 2009


Okay, I like Halloween, but not quite as much as people here do. Have you heard of "booing" someone? Well I guess it's the thing to do and I kinda like it. Apparently, you make a basket of treats and there is a little cute poem (I am sure you could find it online with You also need to include a ghost sticker, picture or something for the person to post on their door after they've been booed. So once you have 2 of these baskets together, you anonymously deliver them to two people in your neighbourhood. Each recipient needs to then make two baskets of their own and give those away. Once you have been booed, you put the ghost picture in your window or door-way. Then you can't be booed again, or so the rules go. Neat, right? I love the concept... makes Halloween more about treating your neighbours and having fun. Apparently the booing begins at the beginning of October and runs until Halloween itself. Love it!

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