Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting out the storm

I've been living in Asia for the last 9 years and I've seen some pretty wicked storms. There was my first typhoon in Korea, where the kimchi pots sailed through the air and then there were the flash floods and sand storms in Oman. I've seen them, been in them and heard all the hubbub. And, true to form, I've now been through another storm. I've just moved (as you know if you've been reading this... which you ALL should) to the eastern coastal area of the USA. This weekend, tropical storm Hanna hit our shores (at 3 am this morning to be exact). But I'll tell you what, I am thankful for that storm. It made me stay inside and do the work that I'd been dreading. And now the rain has stopped and the sun is peaking through the clouds. I don't know if tomorrow will bring more rain and I'll be whining about it, but for now, I am thankful.


Am I still an International Teacher? said...

I am in them midst of unpacking too. Trying to fit it all in my little unit is my challenge right now. It is weird cause I know it is only temporary to live here, I either get a job and by my own house or I don't get a job and I head overseas. Right now overseas seems much easier, this whole making friends when you're not at an international school is way too hard!

AngelaMae said...

I hear you on trying to get everything to fit. I had initially planned on a two bedroom but ended up in my little one bedroom. I really needed that extra room!!
As for buying a house etc, WHY?! Overseas does seem easier, but sometimes easier isn't better. I am finding myself growing by all the challenges I am now facing... Keep reading! Oh!! I'd love to read yours too, but I can't seem to access your profile.