Sunday, September 7, 2008


After being so productive yesterday, I woke with a burning desire to finish unpacking and to get sorted. But as I posted in the comment block to my last post, I am having trouble finding room. I need MORE book shelves and another room. Right now my office is my bedroom. *sigh* I had really hoped to have that spare bedroom for my workout gear and my office, not to mention as a place for my friends to stay when they come to visit (oh yea, you are all coming for a visit, right?). But, alas, I am stuck trying to squeeze all my stuff into a teeny, tiny (albeit VERY cute) one bedroom apartment. It's getting there. I did finish the bedroom today and got another box or two unloaded. I am hoping to finish the brunt of it today. I need to buy one more book shelf (just a little one), a chair for the living room and I think that's it... maybe. I also have stuff to get rid of!! I have a box full of antique china and silver that I don't want, a nice wooden coffee table that is too big for my little living room and just some stuff that I don't know why I kept. *sigh* It feels like a never ending job, but I can actually see carpet today. Hopefully I will get it done and post some pictures later so you can see it. :)

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Shaun Guthrie said...

You just gotta learn to remove the unwanted stuff and toss it. I went onto this free selling site and sold linds old 27inch TV within 1 hour! Also sold my old Super NES system for 30 bucks. Can you believe that!!
You just gotta make room and sometimes old stuff just has to go.
Good luck!