Saturday, May 12, 2012

Canim Annem... Mother's Day

Just like in a multitude of countries, Turkey celebrates their mothers with a special day and it just happens to be the same day as Canada and the US.  It's the second Sunday in May.  I always try to send my mom flowers or a little something on the day or as close to the day as possible so that I can be sure she knows how much love and appreciate her impact on my life and the gift that she is to me.  This year I got to send flowers to my grandmother as well as she is visiting my parents house for a few weeks. 
One thing that makes this year different for me is that I was recognized.  I'm single, unmarried and without any children of my own.  Sure, I have a classroom full of babies (that's what I call my classes) that I love like they were my own, but it's just not quite the same and I've never even thought about it before.  Until this year when a few of my students gave me gifts with tags and cards that said, "Happy Mother's Day!"  One of the parents even brought it in and said that they appreciated that my teaching partner and I were like parents while their child was at school.  It sure felt nice.
It also got me to thinking (well, that and what my mom said in response to my facebook post about it) that Mother's Day isn't just about the woman who gave birth to you physically.  It's about all the women who helped to give birth to the person you are right now.  And I'm so humbled to know that I've had a lot of lovely people in my life who have made me into the woman I am now and I'm so grateful for each and everyone of them (most of all to my mother who did more than give me physical life, she gave me a strength that few have and more gifts than I can begin to share in just a few words).  So thank you, ladies who have helped to form me and Happy Mother's Day canim annemler (Turkish for dear mothers).

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AprilMay said...

YES!! That is the definition of a mother, IMO. A mentor woman you helps you grow and become a better person and who loves you -- which is why *some* women should not even be called mothers!