Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bodrum, Turkey

I know, I know... I've been a bad blogger as of late. I haven't written much and there has been much to write so I apologise and will get right down to business! Today I'm blogging to you about my spring break... and yes, you can interpret the word blogging as bragging if you like!! ;)

There will be a series of entries from the spring break because I went a series of places and instead of producing a jumble, I thought a short series would be better. Part one, as the title tells you, takes place in Bodrum, Turkey. Bodrum is a gorgeous little town in the coast of the Aegean Sea that resembles what you think of when you think of a Greek resort town... beautiful white villas nestled into the hills and crystal clear waves lapping against the beach. The people are friendly, the seafood is fresh and tasty, the views are stunning and the atmosphere is relaxed. I think in the tourist season (which it isn't quite yet), Bodrum becomes party central with tons of bars and clubs right along the water. There is an abundance of leather goods for sale and a gorgeous little castle and other ancient ruins to see. In short, Bodrum has it all and for a decent price.
The main marina in Bodrum was laden with beautiful, traditional vessels that would run tours during the tourist season. I'm sure that many a Blue Cruise was taken from this area as well.

I loved that many of the cafes and restaurants had tables right on the beaches... which were NOT sandy, by the way... they were very pebbly.

This was the view from my hotel in Bodrum, the Manastir Hotel and Suites. It was a great place to stay, clean, quiet and well... look at the view! The castle is the Castle of St. Peter, it was built but the Knights of St. John...

Ah.... how can you not love waters like that?

It's said that the father of history is from Bodrum... this bust attests to it. I didn't check the museums for more as I was too busy enjoying the sunshine and the sounds of the waves. It's the perfect place to go when you've had a little too much winter...

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