Saturday, December 31, 2011

'Tis the Season

I know what you're thinking: "My isn't this post a little late? Christmas has come and gone... silly girl." But you are thinking of a different sort of season than I am. You are thinking of the holiday season and I'm thinking of... duh, duh, duh (cue the suspenseful music) RECRUITING season.
Yes, now that the new year is upon us, the recruiting season is in full swing for international school teachers. It's this time of year that we spiffy up our C.V.s and get all our references sorted (truth be told I did most of that a couple of months ago as the recruiting season seems to be earlier each year) and, if our contracts are up for renewal we begin to ask what's next? And sometimes that is easier answered than others. Sometimes the teacher in question is happy with their school and vice versa so the answer is nothing... I'm staying right here. Or sometimes there is discord and the teacher and/or school knows it's time to move on, to sever the relationship as it were. And then there are times where the choice is difficult. Where there is no clear cut answer and there is a lot of thinking to do (typically before the winter break comes and that can be fairly stressful).
However, once the choice is made to go recruiting, the season starts in full swing. I have chosen to go recruiting this year. I don't HATE my school or the place I live, I just feel like a better fit might be out there for me and I'd like to see if it is, so I'm going to check that out. Now, I've chosen to use the help of a recruiting agency. I've signed on to a group called Search Associates and for a fee from me and a lot of my professional documents, they will alert me to jobs etc that match my desires and also help facilitate an opportunity for me to interview with several schools in a matter of days: a job fair.
So the recruiting season has begun and it's stressful and fun and exciting all at the same time. I personally love networking and meeting new people, so the whole job fair process is a thrill for my extroverted self. I also love looking over the specs of a number of schools and day-dreaming about what it might be like to work and live there. Sure, it seems early as the school year doesn't end until June but it sure is nice to have job security in knowing where your next job will be several months in advance.
So blow the horns, let loose the hounds (as it were) and let the season begin! To all my teacher friends in the hunt, good luck and stay confident! To all my administrator friends in the hunt, good luck and may you find the best fits possible for your schools!!

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Kristen said...

That's really interesting - I've always wondered how that has all worked out for you. I hope that if a switch is to be made then it is one that meets all of your desires. I think you may be the only other teacher I know who has worked in about as many schools as I have. Most of my friends have been one or two schoolers.