Monday, October 17, 2011

Dancing Fools!

Okay, they aren't fools, but they are dancers! Sometimes at my school teachers need to cover for one another so that people can go to meetings, professional development or so they can go home and rest from being ill. On a couple of occassions this year I've covered for our Drama/Dance teacher. I know, how cool that we have Drama and Dance at school!! Anyway, I digress. So last week our Drama/Dance teacher needed me to cover for about 15 or 20 minutes and it was the lesson with my students. It was a Salsa lesson. Uh.... WHAT?!?!?! I've done some ballroom before but not really any Salsa. But I said yes and decided to wing it. I started by asking the kids to show me what they knew already and they did great, counting out their steps and showing me the basic step in slow motion. So I thought I'd ask them to partner a little... and they were cool about dancing with partners, even partners of the opposite sex (go Grade One!!). So partner they did (I told them just to touch palms and perhaps this helped to avoid the icky boy/girl germ thing from happening) and then as we were counting steps I turned to see kids partnered like this:

WHAT?!?!?! Too cute!! I love these little dancing fools!!