Friday, September 16, 2011

Another New Year, Another New Class, Another Funny Student

One of the things I love best about teaching little kids is that they simply speak their minds and have a natural sense of timing when it comes to comedy. Every year that I have taught I have had one or two students that are just better at this than most. This year I have one such student. This child is calm, cool, collected and simply funny. As my teacher friend commented when I told her the story: this kid has a big person's sense of humour in a little body!

Here is what happened today with my little straight-faced comedian:

Kid: Can I ask you something?

Me: Of course.

Kid: CAN you have kids? (this comes DAYS after my class asked me if I had any children of my own)

Me: Sure, I can if I want them and maybe if I have a husband. (Turkish society is a little more conservative)

Kid: Do you WANT a husband?

Me: Sure... that would be nice...

Kid: Well... are you even TRYING to find one?!


I couldn't keep it together... this kid cracks me up on the daily, but this one had me in tears... I love my job on days like this!!!!


AprilMay said...

That is hilarious! I love that the whole focus of that kid's argument is that you need to have children. I mean, yeah a husband might have other benefits, but the CHILDREN are of primary importance! Actually, I agree with that LOL.

Kristen said...

Love it! Kids are so honest.