Monday, October 27, 2008

Over-taxed and under-paid

Okay, so we all know that when you leave the international scene you take a pay cut. When you teach in Korea at least, they pay for your housing (utilities are cheap and you pay those yourself), cell phones are inexpensive and you can nab a used car for about $400 (and the insurance is about $500 all year), the school also pays for you to come and go at least once a year, they pay some shipping costs and have all kinds of amenities you can use at the school (like the gym, the field, the swimming pool and so on). So I knew things would be different when I came to the US, I knew I'd be paying rent and I knew my utilities would more expensive. I knew my brand new car would cost me a little more and that the health care would suck in comparison (I don't mean the doctors, I mean the costs)... but I thought I was prepared. But I wasn't prepared to be taxed to death!! There are state taxes on everything (they make Canada look like a tax haven) and there is even a personal property tax on my vehicle. I just found out that I am going to have to pay $300+ by December in personal property taxes because I own a new car... never mind that I already paid sales tax on it... never mind that I have NEVER heard of being taxed on a car (okay, not true, in Korea they tax you on owning a car, but it amounts to about $120 a year total).... The actual yearly total for my car is over $500 but since I came halfway through the year I have to pay just $300... *sigh* and people wonder why people in the US aren't surviving this recession... all the money they earn goes to gas, taxes and the government... sad, so sad...


Tassie Rachel said...

The cost of living in the Western world is crazy isn't it?

BTW that chair looks more like a 2 seater sofa than a chair to me!

At least you have a job and it sounds like you have some great kids in your class.


Shaun Guthrie said...

Holy crap. You have to pay tax for owning a car. That is freaking ridiculous!! I will never ever live in that back asswards country. There is no amount of money someone could pay me to live there.

I hope other things are positive living there then the stupid taxes. Hows teaching and stuff like that?

AprilMay said...

Umm..I don't pay taxes on my car in Oregon?? Maybe it's an East coast thing? I would never live on that back asswards coast!
OK. Just kidding. But I really don't pay personal taxes on my car, although Oregon does have freakin' high property taxes!
I am emailing you! I need your help!